DEPENDENCY | A Cry for Help

What is Almajiri| The term Almajiri is derived from the Arabic word Al-Mahaajirun (Immigrant), which literally translates to learned scholar who seeks knowledge & propagates the peaceful message of Islam. Children labeled Almajiri are pupils who are usually between ages 4 – 15.

Almajiri in Nigeria| The Almajiri phenomenon is an issue that mainly plagues the Northern region of Nigeria, but the Almajiri can also be found in the different regions of Nigeria. A deeper look into the Almajiri phenomenon will suggest that not only is it rooted in Northern Nigeria, it is deeply rooted in Religion, and can be said has everything to do with being Muslim. Northern Nigeria is said to inhabit the highest rate of uneducated youths in comparison to the other regions in the country, and with the prevalence of the Almajiri child loitered around its communities, it doesn’t make it a far-fetched notion. Almajiri children are products of polygamous marriages, broken homes or simply economic challenges.

Northern Nigerians continue to marry more wives and bear children they do not have the resources to cater for, under the pretense of religion. And just because of the availability of the Almajiri educational system & the lack of appropriate government interventions, parents easily push their children out to the world with no remorse or repercussion whatsoever for their actions.

In Nigeria, Almajiri pupils that are meant to be trained to become Islamic scholars, are saddled with the task of catering for themselves due to the fact, Quranic teachers or Mallams who are made responsible for them most times also are semi-literate and graduates of the Almajiri educational system, see nothing wrong with it & lack the financial and moral support needed for the development of these pupils. This unfortunate cocktail ultimately makes begging the norm, creating a system centered primarily on survival rather than anything else.

There is a necessity for the Almajiri system of education to meet the modern day demands,challenges and realities of the problems of underdevelopment, educational backwardness and mass poverty in (northern) Nigeria. So an urgent need for government to initiate reforms rather than banish the Almajiri culture, to save these pupils from perpetual abuse is imperative, because when the system is exploited these youths are used for destructive and violent activities.

Dependency is a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program by cik’studiosng geared towards the issue of Almajiri raised above. We are currently running classes on Fridays & Saturdays 4:00pm – 6:00pm geared towards Literacy.

cik’studiosng will like to reach out to the community to lend a hand to the betterment of these children littered about the society. We are calling on all who have intentions to provide assistance in whatever form Clothes, Time, Food, Expertise, Money, Awareness etc.

Please join us in making life better for the kids. Volunteer form is listed below.

For more information please contact us:
@dependencyng |IG